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They have been around for years with their fine stage show mixin’ up a traditional steel guitar sound with a lot of rockin’ energy joining  their love for western swing and a mighty rockabilly disposition.

Featuring members from the Tribal Bops, this combo has, since the mid 90's established a solid reputation with releases on Favourite records, On The Hill, Tail and El Toro and featuring all the most important European R’n’R meetings.

They have worked hard at honing a slick, polished style as evidenced by their rich discography filled with obscure gems, as well as, never dull original numbers.

Looking  good, in eye-catching western vintage suits,  the rockin’ Hillbilly Stuff from Italy has a lot to say using the language of country music and ol' rock 'n' roll.

The Starliters are : Max (guitar, vocals), Serge (steel guitar), Bobby Vain (bass) and Frank Dee (vocals, drums) . Enjoy ‘em !


• 2014 – “Two Cats” (El Toro Records - ES) 7” EP 33rpm
                (split single with Wayne Hancock)

• 2011 – “Two Timin’ Mama” (El Toro Records - ES) 7” 45rpm
                (split single with Wayne Hancock)

• 2008 – “Stop Kiddin’!” (El Toro Records - ES) CD + Ltd 12” LP gatefold 33rpm

• 2001 – “Lightin’ the Stars” (Tail Records - SWE) CD

• 2000 – “Honky Tonk Guitar Child EP” (On the Hill Records - JAP) 7” EP 45rpm

• 1999 – “Pickin Up Speed” (Tail Records  - SWE) 10” LP 33rpm

• 1998 – “Feelin’ Like A Star” (Favourite Records - D) 7” 45rpm


 • 2010 – “Rockin’ Around Turnhout” (Tombstone Records - BE) CD + DVD
• 2010 – “Sounds Of Underground, Vol. 1” (Volo Libero - IT) Book + CD

• 2006 – “Lake, Rattle and Roll Vol. 1” (Blue Lake Records - CH) CD


With the release of the album “Stop kidding” ( 2008, on the Spanish label El Toro Records ), The Starliters once again reaffirm their love for Rockabilly, hillbilly boogie, honky tonk and western swing.

Long-experienced musicians - back in the 80s steel - guitarist Serge Peacock and slap bass player Bobby Vain created a successful Milan based rockabilly band, the Tribal Bops - The Starliters were determined, ever since being formed in 1997, to avoid stepping on the easy and heavily trodden path of playing well – known covers, and to search instead for those obscure gems recorded between the end of the 40s and the beginning of the 50s by lesser- known American artists on small, independent labels.  
This fascination and love for the authentic mongrel sound of hillbilly swing, boogie, western bop, and rockabilly has meant that The Starliters have been a sought –after and hugely appreciated rockin’ act wherever they have performed. Here are some of the more important European festivals they have played at, some of which as headliners :

Rockabilly Rave (UK),  High Rockabilly (E), Rhythm Riot (UK), Hangar Rockin’ (CH), Frog And Roll Weekender (F) , A Good Rockin’ Tonight, Rock’n’Roll 50 (F) Rockin’ in Tournaut, Sjiock Festival (B), Tear It Up (CR), Portugal Aloha (P), Blue Kats Party (F), Dreamfisf Kustom Party (F), Rockabilly Allnighter (D), Hangar Rockin' (CH), Old Style Weekend (CH), Rock’n’ Roll D-Day, Rockabilly Round Up (NL), Kustom Weekend, Summer Jamboree (I), Scandinavian Country Music Festival (S), High Rockabilly and Screamin’(E)... and many more.

In addition to having opened for Wanda Jackson, Sam Butera, Restless and others, members of the band have, throughout the years, performed with Johnny Powers, Marvin Rainwater, Robert Gordon, Marti Brom, Sonny Burgess, Steve Lucky, Mitch Wood, Boppin 'Steve, Marco Di Maggio, Ray Campi, Lucky Marcell, Rockin' Bonnie, Mary Ann, Carl Star and many other musicians of international fame. The Starliters themselves have recorded albums in Germany, Sweden, Japan, and Spain; countries in which the fascination with 40s and 50s American music made for the hardwood dancefloor has always been strong.



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